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Ancoris GreenLab launches to provide insights into the carbon impact of global businesses

GreenLab helps customers include sustainability in their business cases for Cloud migrations and IT modernisation projects

Ancoris, an award-winning Cloud Services Provider, has announced the launch of its new Google Cloud service, Ancoris GreenLab. This is a new solution that meaningfully contributes to organisations’ sustainability goals by adding carbon footprint reduction to their Cloud migration and IT modernisation planning.

Society is putting increasing pressure on organisations to do better in terms of sustainability. This is exactly why Ancoris is pioneering GreenLab using Google Cloud Platform technology, ‘the cleanest Cloud’. Ancoris GreenLab helps organisations understand actions they can take to contribute to their sustainability goals, by providing insight into the carbon impact of migrating to the Cloud from on-premise and hosted IT deployments. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with over ten years of experience, Ancoris created GreenLab so organisations can add sustainability and tangible carbon footprint reduction measures to Cloud migration and IT modernisation business cases. Ancoris GreenLab provides a high level migration plan and financial business case, so organisations can understand the full execution roadmap.

Andre Azevedo, CEO at Ancoris, reinforces the importance of business sustainability stating that, “I believe that our GreenLab solution is the best way for Ancoris to have a wider impact on sustainability beyond our own organisation, by helping as many companies as possible to add carbon footprint reduction to their migration business case. This can be up to 80% depending on where you run your workloads today, so it can be very meaningful.”

“Cloud migration isn’t just about flexibility, agility and cost optimisation – it’s about building the very foundations businesses need to continuously innovate and thrive. Sustainability’s often missing in those foundations, when in fact it should be one of their biggest ingredients. Google Cloud is the World’s Cleanest Cloud.  Its technology helps companies modernise, and unlock whole new worlds of digital freedom,” concluded Matt Frank, Head of Cloud Modernisation at Ancoris.

For more information on Ancoris GreenLab, please visit

About Ancoris

Ancoris is an award-winning Cloud Services Provider which helps customers innovate and transform through the use of Google Cloud. It has extensive expertise in Google Cloud technologies and delivers its magic through Data and AI, as well as the modernisation of applications and workspaces. For more information, please visit

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