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Civo switches to four-day week

Civo, a pure-play cloud-native service provider, has switched to a four-day week following a successful trial.

Employees at the Stevenage business will now work a 34-hour week (down from 36 hours), split across four 8.5-hour working days, with the option to spread the same number of hours over five days for those who prefer to do so.

The shorter week is one of several measures Civo is implementing or trialling to improve staff wellbeing and attract new talent. Another is a trial of uncapped holiday entitlement.

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, said: “Our adoption of the four-day work week came from the belief that by streamlining the working week, we could create a more productive and ultimately more successful organisation. I have been thrilled to see Civo staff embrace this flexible way of working. Teams are more engaged and motivated, and crucially from a business perspective we have seen no drop in the quality of work delivered.”

He added: “The uncapped holiday trial is a core part of our belief in the opportunities created by flexible working. As long as you get your job done, and it doesn’t impact the team or our customers, you should be able to take whatever holiday you feel is appropriate.”

Civo’s mission is to revolutionise the industry by providing cutting-edge services powered by Kubernetes that enable tech companies to host core applications with ease, speed up development, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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