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Cybersecurity provider RiskXchange introduces a new AI-assisted Attack Surface Management Service to help companies reduce their cyber risks on the Internet 

With the rise in ransomware attacks running at an all-time high, and with many companies moving to the cloud as part of their digital transformation, more than ever, companies need help to protect their data from ransomware attacks.

To help companies reduce the risk of ransomware attacks, cybersecurity service provider RiskXchange has launched a new unique, low-cost service that allows organisations of all sizes to reduce their cyber risk by monitoring, tracking, and mitigating potential cybersecurity risks across their external attack surface 24 hours a day.

About the Attack Surface Management service

The Attack Surface Management service continuously checks the company’s digital assets and gives it complete visibility into everything it owns. It also provides a clean and concise risk score along with technical details. These include IP addresses, domains, certificates, port services, including security vulnerability details.

RiskXchange dashboard, showing your risk score (upper left corner) and different Attack Surface risks requiring your attention. 

The service also helps them discover if someone may be discussing their organisation on the dark web, detect potential cybersquatting impersonation risks and leaked corporate credentials that can make it easy for threat actors to take over corporate accounts.

2021 was one of the most costly and dangerous years on record in terms of the volume of ransomware attacks, and 2022 is looking like it will break all earlier records,” said Darren Craig, CEO of RiskXchange. “Companies need to start thinking about proactive cybersecurity now, rather than wait to become the next cyber victim and risk huge financial losses or, worse still, be forced to shut down their business.”

Unlike other providers, RiskXchange refreshes its data every 24 hours and gathers its intelligence from a wide range of both open public and private data sources to ensure the safety of sensitive and organisations data around the clock.

For more information on Attack Surface Management service and to get a free attack surface risk score, register at RiskXchange, by visiting

About RiskXchange

RiskXchange is a leading cybersecurity service provider that helps companies of all sizes discover, continuously monitor, and reduce cyber risks across their enterprise attack surface and supply chain. It has won a ‘Security Solution of the Year’ award at the 2021 European IT and Software Excellence Awards.

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