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Four out of five enterprises incur unnecessary public cloud costs

More than four out of five organisations (82%) with workloads running in public clouds have incurred ‘unnecessary’ costs, according to a recent survey of 350 IT and cloud decision-makers in the UK and US by Virtana, provider of the industry’s first unified observability platform for migrating, optimising and managing application workloads across public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Key problems highlighted in The State of Hybrid Cloud and FinOps report include:

*Disjointed tools: 72% of respondents say they are fed up piecing together disparate management tools to monitor and manage everything from infrastructure performance to cloud cost and migration readiness; 62% cobble together multiple tools, systems and custom scripts to gain a global view of cloud costs.

*Silos: 68% of respondents say their teams operate in silos, with 70% admitting that limited collaboration hinders their ability to adapt quickly and improve business outcomes.

*Unexpected costs: 82% of respondents have incurred unnecessary cloud costs, which can eat into budgets needed for other areas of transformation.

*Lack of programmatic cost optimisation: 56% lack programmatic cloud cost management capabilities, which can mean either that teams are spending too much time managing cloud costs or that cloud waste is allowed to fester.

*Lack of visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments: 84% of respondents run workloads in multiple public clouds. Yet 86% are unable to get a global view of cloud costs within minutes; 71% agree that limited visibility across the hybrid cloud environment hinders their ability to maximise value, creates inefficiencies and wastes time.

*Risk and pressure on IT: 66% of respondents find it hard to gauge whether they are delivering the service levels the business needs; 65% agree that when there is an issue, they are hard pressed to identify the business impact. Three quarters (77%) cite increased performance issues as one of the reasons pressure on cloud teams continues to rise.

Virtana’s findings are consistent with a recent Gartner report, which predicts that 60% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders will encounter public cloud cost overruns that negatively impact their onpremises budgets to 2024 (www.gartner. com/smarterwithgartner/6-ways-cloudmigration-costs-go-off-the-rails).

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