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How the heatwave is impacting data centres – comment from CommercialDirector of ServerChoice

The heatwave sweeping the UK currently is front and centre of the news. Amber warnings have been issued, and ambulances will be on high alert to deal with health issues the heat will cause.

Adam Bradshaw, Commercial Director of ServerChoice, comments on how the heatwave will add extra pressure on a data centre industry struggling with the challenge of energy prices.


It is not just people feeling the effects of the scorching weather. Data centres rely upon cooling systems to keep their servers running, and while they are built to withstand extreme heat, many of these systems will be pushed to maximum capacity in the temperatures we’re currently experiencing. With the energy crisis ongoing, the financial cost of keeping these servers cool today will hit data centres hard.

“The UK’s data centre industry underpins much of the nation’s digital presence and is a vital aspect of the economy. As energy bills are a data centre’s largest overhead, the rising price of energy has been hugely challenging to many businesses, even forcing some into administration. The added costs caused by the heatwave highlight the need to alleviate the pressure on data centres and protect the interests of the country’s IT estate.”

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