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MSP trends in 2023: The year of the cloud By Matthew Whiteley, Group Technical Director, Everything Tech Group

In this post-pandemic world, more and more people are now dividing their working lives between the office and a location in the home. The hybrid way of working has been a boost to millions, with many organisations latching on to it with great success. However, whilst it affords employees flexibility according to their own priorities, it’s not without its challenges.

Companies are now asking what the office is and what it means to people. Many companies have already downsized their office floorspace – and with that, they are also closing the door on in-house server rooms and the associated costs of running and maintaining expensive and resilient in-house solutions.

Insurance companies have also seen a shift due to remote working which began during the pandemic. A sharp increase in cyber-attacks – as IT departments have struggled to maintain security whilst providing for home-working – has seen more and more companies become victim to ransomware.

 As a managed service provider (MSP), we’ve already started to see customers regroup and look at their IT in a new light. Where previously their objectives might have been cost, locality and ability to physically lay their hands on primary and backup systems, their new objectives are flexibility, continuity, security and ease of use.

Realigned priorities and increased insurance requirements mean that the Everything Tech Group have already seen increased interest around our private and public cloud solutions in the back half of 2022. We also see this ramping up and continuing into 2023. Wherever organisations are on their journey, MSPs such as us can help them support existing server and telephony infrastructure, move to privately hosted cloud or embrace the public cloud.

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