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Nanosystems Software: The Business Continuity Solutions For Sme And Msp

Business Continuity is the ability to keep on working on standard operations even in the event of unforeseen disastrous events: servers that suddenly stop functioning, workstations that break down without warning, and so on. Usually, when one speaks of Business Continuity people tend to think of large companies: banks, insurance telcos, and hospitals, which rely on complex and expensive solutions never to risk interrupting processes.

Supremo: the software for business continuity

Nanosystems is an Italian software house operating in the IT field since 1986 that is the developer of the software Supremo and Uranium Backup.

Supremo is software for remote control of computers and workstations characterised by its ease of use and “lightness” as it doesn’t impact the resources of the devices on which it is installed.

It allows connections running on Windows, and macOS, and it is also available for mobile on Android and iOS. Establishing a connection is easy (just launch the .exe file and digit the ID and Password of the remote machine to be connected to) and smooth thanks to the worldwide geolocation of servers.

Unlike VPNs configured by technicians to enable remote workers to maintain good productivity standards, remote control software such as Supremo ensures that companies can work seamlessly and with no infrastructural (yet expensive) interventions.

Encrypted connections, File Transfer & Live Chat, Unattended Access, Online Address Book, Session Reporting, RMM, and Support Queue are just some of the features

For a detailed list and for pricing information click here.

Additional benefits for MSPs and IT companies

For MSPs and IT companies, the advantages do not end there.

Nanosystems, offer the option of joining their Reseller Program where companies that wish to become resellers and distributors benefit from very competitive discounts, easy access to support, and a reserved area to activate and manage the licenses.


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