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Cybersecurity teams spend half their time on manual tasks

The third edition of Panaseer’s Security Leaders Peer Report looking at the concerns and constraints facing CISOs and other senior cybersecurity leaders across the US and UK highlights the growing burden of manually collecting and reporting on security data.

Panaseer found that teams now spend 59% of their time on these tasks – a 9% increase on the previous year’s research and a 64% rise from the first survey in 2019.

Overall, 70% of security teams spend more than half of their time on manual reporting, leaving less time for threat detection and vulnerability patching.

Andreas Wuchner, Field CISO at Panaseer, said: “To reduce the significant amount of time spent manually reporting, CISOs and their teams need to be looking to automation. As well as freeing up qualified security professionals to dedicate time to higher value tasks – from threat detection to business continuity planning – automation provides the road to accurate, trustworthy data. We need to prioritise the maturation of automation, metrics and risk management in order to help teams cope with heavy reporting workloads.”


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