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Exclusive Networks announce record quarterly gross sales, up 43% on same period last year

Exclusive Networks announces its Gross Sales and IFRS Revenue for the second quarter of 2022.

Jesper Trolle, Chief Executive Officer, said: “I am delighted that Exclusive Networks achieved Gross Sales above €1 billion this quarter. This record performance reflects our unique positioning in the cybersecurity ecosystem and the strong structural growth drivers in the market. External factors such as a strengthening of the US dollar and better than anticipated delivery rates from our core suppliers also contributed to the growth. I want to thank our teams around the world for their hard work and dedication to our mission.

“The superior execution of our value-added model and services as well as the deep and longstanding relationships we have been building over the past decades with the leading and most promising cybersecurity vendors in the world bear fruits as we consistently outperform the high growth cyber market. Growth has been fueled this quarter by all of the main core cybersecurity segments, as well as by our newest segments such as Cloud Security and DevSecOps, both delivering sharp growth and validating our strategy to accelerate opportunities in these segments through the acquisition of Nuaware.

These segments have experienced triple-digit growth rates and have an outstanding growth potential.

“Spending on cybersecurity remains an increasing priority for companies and public institutions of all sizes. We see this in response to greater awareness of cyber threats, sophistication of surface attacks and geopolitical tensions. We are confident that our prominent position in the cybersecurity ecosystem and robust forward indicators, with bookings growth ahead of gross sales growth bode well for the future. We are the Global specialist leader in the cybersecurity market and ideally positioned to benefit from the market’s continued dynamism and growth in coming quarters.”


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