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UK SMBs lead the way in security investment, says Datto

UK SMBs are less likely to have experienced downtime due to a cyber security issue than their counterparts globally and also have the lowest cost of downtime, according to the 2022 State of Ransomware Report from Datto, a Kaseya company.

When asked about downtime during their most recent cyber security issue, 18% of UK SMBs stated that they didn’t have any, compared to the global average of 12%. In addition, the average cost of downtime for a UK company was almost half the global average – £53k compared to £103k.

Datto suggests that this could be because UK SMBs are more likely to have implemented security solutions such as anti-virus (74% vs. 57% globally), email/ spam protection (66% vs. 53% globally), file backup (64% vs. 49% globally), managed firewall (62% vs. 49% globally) and cybersecurity training for employees (50% vs. 43% globally).

On the downside, the UK has higher than average ransom requests of £16,500, compared to a global average of £12,500.

The types of data most commonly encrypted in ransomware attacks in the UK are private cloud data (53% vs. a global average of 48%), followed by SaaS (30%) and PCs (30%). The last two are lower than the global average of 38%, probably due to the investment SMBs have made in the security tools mentioned above.

This year, the top security investment priorities for UK SMBs are cloud security (52%), network security (47%) and cyber insurance (32%).


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