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To celebrate cybersecurity awareness month, VAULTINUM launches an online cyber-audit tool and offers a free cyber assessment.

Technology and software have invaded the daily lives of the general public and businesses alike. While it allows innovation to develop at an accelerated speed, technology also entails many risks, which must be anticipated. Among these risks, cybersecurity is the most worrying and expensive for businesses across the world. Indeed, with reports and data showing a constant increase in cyberattacks, being a victim of cybercrime is no longer a question of “if” but rather a question of “when”.

This means that companies no longer have a choice and must ensure that their cybersecurity is up-to-date and strong enough to prevent irreparable damage in case of cyber-attack. However, recent surveys show that a great number of organisations have still not implemented any measures to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. More surprisingly, it seems that there is a growing gap in organisations between the recognition at board level of the importance of cybersecurity and the way cyber policies are implemented. For example, in the UK, 38% of interviewed companies claim that the success of a cyber-attack is due to human error and yet, these same companies choose to invest in software after a security incident rather than in staff training (source: CSIS report).

As a European trusted third party, which specialises in the audit and protection of digital assets, Vaultinum is very aware that organisations must improve their cyber protection and understand that cybersecurity, like counterterrorism, is never truly accomplished. “The cyber audit solution developed by Vaultinum allows businesses to undertake regular cybersecurity checks. These consist of 4 recurring steps: scanning, evaluating, implementing and repeating.” says Philippe Thomas, CEO of Vaultinum.

And to support Cyber Awareness Month this October, and to help organisations improve their cyber-resilience, Vaultinum is giving away a free cyber-assessment. Details are available on the website.

Vaultinum is a trusted independent third party specialising in the protection and audit of digital assets. Since 1976, Vaultinum has enabled thousands of digital businesses and investors secure their innovations by providing solutions to protect their IP, ensure the continuity of their business activity, and mitigate cyber and software risks.

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