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Worst year yet for cyber attacks

A surge in cyberattacks in the final three months of last year made 2022 the worst year on record for malicious online activity against UK businesses, according to Beaming, the business internet service provider (ISP).


Its analysis shows that UK companies experienced an average of 687,489 online attempts to breach their systems in 2022, surpassing the previous record of 686,961 attempts set in 2020.

October to December 2022 was the busiest quarter for cyberattacks on UK businesses since Beaming began tracking malicious web activity in 2016, with companies experiencing an average of 177,228 cyberattacks each in the quarter.

Almost 1.2 million IP addresses were used to launch cyberattacks on UK businesses in 2022, according to Beaming, more than one fifth of which are in China (268,484 locations). Other prime launching pads include the USA (90,663), India (46,783), Brazil (46,783), Russia (35,842) and Taiwan (30,581).

Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director of Beaming, said: “UK businesses have experienced a constant bombardment of cyberattacks over recent years, but the volume of activity had appeared to be falling from the extraordinarily high levels that accompanied the first Covid lockdown. The surge in malicious online activity we witnessed in 2022 is a timely reminder that no one can afford to be complacent.”


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