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Green software standard

The Green Software Foundation has produced a new specification that will enable developers to give the same consideration to the carbon intensity of software that they already do to cost, performance, security and accessibility.

The Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) Specification provides a rate of carbon emissions (per minute or per user device) that developers can use as a benchmark when comparing the environmental impact of similar types of software (e.g. messaging apps and video conferencing solutions) or the same software system as it is updated over time.

Developers can reduce a product’s SCI score by using less hardware (e.g. by reducing the size of upgrades so that users can keep their old devices longer or by architecting cloud applications to use fewer machines), by using less energy (e.g. by improving the speed of task completion) or by doing more when energy supply is cleaner (e.g. by scheduling routine backups to occur during peak times of solar energy supply).

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