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New Moverio solution pack makes remote assistance easier

Global technology firm Epson has released a new solution pack designed to make remote assistance applications much easier and more intuitive. The new bundle includes Epson’s Moverio BT-35E binocular augmented reality smart glasses, a new intelligent controller (BO-IC400) and a versatile carry pouch (BO-CH400) designed to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient way to manage the controller, cables and external power options. The pack provides even better support for a range of commercial applications for smart glasses such as remote assistance, technical training and remote sales demonstrations.

The new Android-based controller (BO-IC400) features an integrated touchscreen with customisable user interfaces complete with speaker and microphone. It provides flexible connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual USB Type-C functionality, 2TB expandable storage, plus GPS and motion sensors for location-based solutions. It also includes a 13MP camera with autofocus and flashlight, and provides up to four hours battery performance.

Joey Watkins, Product Manager, Epson Europe says: “With this new pack, Epson is offering an advanced standalone smart glasses solution that supports a range of useful commercial applications in a number of markets such as remote assistance and remote technical training. The custom-made controller provides access to a wide range of optimised apps, an improved user interface and upgraded connectivity. When combined with Epson’s leading Moverio smart glasses technology and certified partner software solutions, users benefit from an exceptional experience while driving significant operational and environmental efficiencies.”

Epson’s Moverio BT-35E binocular smart glasses provide users with an exceptional 720p HD display offering crisp images and vivid colours. The glasses can also deliver 3D content and feature a built-in 5MP headset camera, in addition to the 13MP camera in the controller, enabling users to switch to the most convenient camera option while maintaining an HD video feed. This dual camera functionality can assist when working in tight spaces, viewing small details or operating in dark areas during remote assistance tasks using Moverio smart glasses.

Remote assistance software solutions, designed for Epson Moverio smart glasses, link field engineers and technicians with in-house experts. Information and instructions can be passed visually and verbally using live two-way communication to remedy complex issues. Whether it’s a service, engineering or quality assurance task, the high-quality Moverio camera enables a detailed video feed that can be reviewed and annotated live over the user’s field of view. Remote technicians can even send documents and user guides straight to the smart glasses.

Many organisations across a variety of industry sectors now use smart glasses which have proven to increase operational efficiency, reduce equipment downtime and improve first-time-fix rates. The new solution pack is designed to make this even easier.

Moverio smart glasses also reduce environmental impact and offer users a more sustainable solution to the challenge of providing on-site assistance, training, maintenance and repair. The use of Moverio significantly reduces an organisation’s carbon footprint because technical experts no longer need to travel long distances to provide assistance, repair equipment or deliver on-site training.

The Moverio BT-35E continues to be available as a standalone product for customers wanting to connect to compatible Android smartphones or Windows PCs, putting the power to choose the most appropriate and convenient platform into the hands of the customer.

The new solution pack is available now.

Learn more about remote assistance solutions from Epson at

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