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Talking Technology: with EIZO and Northamber

As organisations re-evaluate their business space, we ask can our screen technology really keep up within our home working environment compared to our office environment?

Visual technology company EIZO with over 50 years of experience and Northamber, the longest established trade-only distributor with 42 years under its belt, were asked about the changing environments in which we work. Dave Hadden, Head of Solutions at EIZO, stops the conversation and states “choose a screen based on the job you want it to do and then where it is going to be used.”

“What do we want our monitors to do and what information and guidance can our resellers give us?” Hadden asks “If connectivity is important, do we look for a monitor with a built-in docking station and USB-C? If image quality, clarity and uniformity for professional creative outputs are high on the agenda, should we be opting for a monitor that covers a large colour space? If preventing both back and eye complaints is important, ergonomics such as an adjustable stand, anti-reflective screen and brightness control are a must.”

Hadden continues “For end-users and resellers, if we invest in a good quality monitor, long service life and warranty are essential, especially when home environments are not refreshed at the same speed as office environments.”

Mark Sumner, AV Technology Expert at Northamber states “Following feedback from the reseller community, bridging this gap between home and office is still high on the agenda, there is a need to promote tools that boost productivity and meet their customer’s broader ESG and employee wellbeing goals. For example, by giving hybrid workers the same standard of ergonomics in their home offices as they enjoy in corporate office environments.”

Sumner continues “The focus in organisations now is all around that work-life balance and giving employees products that support wellbeing regardless of whether they are at home or at work, and I believe the products coming out of EIZO give just that.”

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