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Talking Technology: with EIZO & Northamber

As end-users have a greater reliance upon monitors, the big question to manufacturers, resellers, and distributors is can they rely on their monitors to provide an accurate representation of the digital image or concept they are viewing?

Dave Hadden, Head of Solutions at EIZO and Mark Sumner, Technology Expert at Northamber, discuss why all monitors are not created equal.

It is fair to say that over the past couple of years, we have all become more accustomed to sharing content and collaborating with colleagues on screen. Whether it is discussing documents that rely on colour integrity or analysing high resolution imagery, monitors have become an invaluable business tool.

Why does colour and contrast matter?

According to Hadden, colour accuracy is key. An inaccurate representation can be business-critical in sectors such as graphic design and desktop publishing, but it’s also equally important for anyone working with colour-rich documents – such as sales presentations, marketing collateral or other corporate branding pieces.

“Colour and contrast matter, and you can only have meaningful discussions if everyone sees the same representation of the image,” he explained. “Everyone involved must use monitors that are technically capable of displaying the colour and contrast accurately and that’s where the ColorEdge range from EIZO excels.”

Who places importance on colour-critical applications?

The National Gallery began using the EIZO ColorEdge CG279X monitors in December 2019.

“ColorEdge users benefit from a perfect undistorted view of the displayed image. These feature-rich monitors include a large colour gamut, 16-bit LUT (Look-Up-Table) for extremely finely graduated contrasts, 10-bit colour per channel representation, homogeneous image representation through Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) and EIZO Factory Calibration,” Hadden explained.

“Human eyes are especially poor at comparing an image of a painting on a monitor with the actual painting, even in controlled lighting conditions. We rarely compare the image on screen to the painting in front of us, instead what we need our monitor to do is provide us with the most detailed and true representation of the image we have captured.

“When creating such precise images of some of the greatest works of art ever made, we need to work with a similarly precise monitor. No matter the imaging technique the EIZO CG279X has helped us to boost productivity and precision through its automated calibration and the exactitude with which it allows us to examine our images,” Andrew Bruce from the Photography and Imaging Department explained.

What should we rely on from our monitors?

“As different as the applications are, end-users need to rely on their monitors to guarantee a precise and undistorted view of the digital file,” Sumner said.

“End-users expect a monitor to work and accurately display what is in the file. As resellers, distributors and manufacturers we know it sounds easy and self-evident – but it is not. Especially not in demanding creative digital workflows where the right tool is needed to meet customers’ exacting demands,” he added.

“For a precision tool like a graphics monitor to be consistently accurate and effortless, there are a number of factors that must come together and be considered,” Hadden noted. “One factor is that a file should look the same in five years as it looks today, ColorEdge monitors feature wide colour gamut, colour depth and lossless hardware calibration.”

“Another aspect is that every monitor should be perfectly calibrated with regular recalibration. The reason for this, says Hadden, is that this is the only way to achieve the homogeneous image representation. “EIZO’s easy-to- use calibration software ColorNavigator, regularly recalibrates. This is one of the reasons why ColorEdge monitors are so highly regarded,” he explained.

The ColorEdge range available from Northamber covers the diverse needs
of creative professionals and their organisations. “For our resellers, this means we can help you find your customers’ ideal ColorEdge model that exactly fits their requirements in terms of equipment, size and budget,” Sumner concluded.

Northamber and EIZO are inviting resellers to join them for an exclusive live tour behind the scenes at the National Gallery. Please visit Northamber 


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