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I couldn’t do my job without…

Tash Grossman is the 26-year old CEO of Slip, a London-based retail technology start-up focused on using digital receipts to create a sustainable, frictionless omni-channel experience for retailers and their customers. The retailer-agnostic mobile app, co-founded by Grossman and CTO Eddy Herman, allows customers to receive digital receipts instead of printed ones by scanning a QR code at checkout; to view and manage their omnichannel spending; and to receive exclusive discounts and personalised content based on their buying habits. For retailers, Slip provides data and insights into consumer trends along with the ability to import/ export data via APIs with other platforms to obtain an omnichannel view of customer spending habits.
Voted Retail Week’s Startup of The Year for Data & Insight in 2021 and Omnichannel Startup of the Year in 2022, Slip completed a £750,000 pre-seed fundraise in March ahead of the app’s official launch this autumn. Here, Grossman outlines the five things she couldn’t do her job without.


1 My team
As Co-founder of a fast-growing start-up, it’s been essential for me to nail our hiring plan from the very start to ensure my fellow Co-founder Eddy and I have the very best and most capable team around us. Business leaders are only as good as their people and since we launched last year we have been working non-stop to create a unique and positive company culture where our team feel challenged and encouraged to collaborate on everything. We’re proud to have grown into a team of 8 and whether it’s via 4:30 pm finishes on a Friday or giving employees the option to buy shares in the company we’re always looking for ways to build a memorable company culture that rewards everyone’s hard work and helps expand our team.

2 Notion
I’m a huge fan of Notion which I use as my daily go-to tool for note-taking, jotting down tasks and accessing our company intranet.  At Slip, we have a flexible working policy, meaning that our staff can be in different places on any given day, so the fact that Notion allows for collaborative working and can be used across multiple devices is a significant benefit. As a project management software tool, Notion also reduces the need for pen and paper which ties in perfectly with our company ethos and focus on sustainability.

3 My friends and family
Starting and running a business at such a young age (I was 24 when I started Slip) certainly isn’t easy, and not having years of experience to fall back on, I have found the support of my friends and family to be invaluable. Since our very first day, they have been there for me every step of the way, offering their support and keeping me grounded when things took off. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without such a strong support network around me!

4 My morning gym routine
Exercise is a big love of mine and it’s obviously great for mental and physical health. I find that a good workout sets me up for a successful day, so I go to the gym regularly throughout the week. If I’m taking part in a class, I like to be up bright and early so that I have time to exercise and still be at my desk by 8 a.m. ready for another busy but rewarding day.

5 Resilience
Starting out on your journey as a founder, you will need resilience by the bucketload! It wasn’t something I knew I had much of until I started Slip, and there are still many occasions even now when I’m grateful to know I have it within me. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is not to take rejection and negative feedback personally but to spin those occasions into a positive learning experience. At first, this was a huge challenge for me but one-year in it has become considerably easier. I’m happy to have reached this stage.

Time to switch

With UK grocery stores printing around 26,000 miles of paper receipts
each week and the UK as a whole printing over 11.2 billion receipts per year, Slip says it is time to switch to digital receipts. It claims that printing receipts at the current level equates to consuming over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and one billion gallons of water every year. It also points out that the BPA/BPS coating on thermal receipt paper makes most receipts non-recyclable.




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