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I couldn’t do my job without…

Sustainability expert Josephine Liang is CEO of CauliBox, a reusable packaging solution for workplace and event dining that minimises single-use food and drinks packaging waste. She co-founded the company in 2019 after a career spent advising diverse organisations on sustainable development and food waste, including corporations like Unilever and Sainburys, local authorities, higher education bodies and food enterprises such as Gail’s Bakery and Ole & Steen. Here, Liang picks the six things she couldn’t do her job without.

1 My team
Cauli is not possible without the dream team. No one can tackle something as massive as the elimination of single- use packaging waste on their own; our innovations are made possible by a truly talented and passionate team.

2 Slack
Communications is key, and Slack is the most intuitive program on the market. Slack allows you to send essential messages in real-time to targeted people, without the formality and bloat of email with its endless back-and-forth. Slack can also be integrated with other software, like Google Drive, Fyle and Gify.

3 Figma

CauliBox Salad

Figma is free software for real-time collaborative design. CauliBox is a tech and product-oriented company, and Figma allowsour team members, especially in flexible working environments, to work together on everything from our latest marketing materials to the UX/UI for our apps.

4 Notion
I find the Notion project management tool essential when planning ongoing projects. It offers so many different templates, which can be easily adapted to my purposes, and is also a handy tool for taking down notes, making user handbooks and much more.

too good to go

5 Too Good to Go
No one can deny the importance of lunch. As someone who loves food and hates waste, I often hunt for great deals on surplus meals through Too Good to Go. We get competitive in the office to see who gets the best food for the best value!

6 My reusable CauliCup


I know it’s a cliche, but like many startup founders I am fuelled by caffeine. Instead of using hard-to-recycle disposable coffee cups, I opt to borrow a reusable CauliCup when I get my coffee fix three times a day. I believe everyone can make small changes in their lives to build a sustainable future.

About CauliBox

CauliBox is an award-winning, tech- enabled reusable food packaging scheme for workplace dining designed to reduce the 11 billion pieces of single-use packaging waste produced every year from food-on-the-go. Founded by Josephine Liang and Ming Zhao, the solution combines long- lasting reusable takeaway containers; an app; and QR scanning to enable the borrowing and return of used containers to collection kiosks for cleaning and re- use. Each CauliContainer can be used more than 400 times, achieving carbon neutrality after just 27. CauliBox is on track to divert more than 300,000kg of CO2 emissions by the end of 2022, equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption of 15,000 full-grown trees.



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