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10 reasons why Windows 10 may be right for your customers

Sponsored story By Westcoast: In order to keep up with changing technology and expectations, your customers need an operating system at the cutting edge. They need one that provides the very latest in collaboration technology, along with enhanced security and unmatched compatibility. It wouldn’t hurt if it’s incredibly familiar to them either.

We recommend Windows 10 Pro, the professional edition of the world’s most popular operating system. Combined with powerful new devices, in a range of styles and a huge choice of price points, you can provide future-proofed devices that meet and exceed every requirement your customers might have.

Westcoast are here to help!

While you may already know all about the simplicity, security, better user experience and lower total cost of ownership that Windows 10 Pro devices offer, we’re here to help you convey the advantages to your customers – and ultimately increase your sales.

Whether you’re a Windows 10 Pro veteran or not currently offering the OS, or not even selling Windows 10 Pro devices, this is an opportunity to expand your business offering, make your customers happier and boost your profits.

And to help you do that, we’ve prepared a range of tools for you to use. They’re all free to download and will help you understand the benefits of Windows 10 Pro and convey them to your customers.


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