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A new member of the Snom D3XX Series family: The D335 with proximity sensor

Snom, the internationally renowned manufacturer of IP phones for the business and industrial sectors, has announced the launch of the latest IP desk phone from its popular D3XX series. The low-cost D335 is considered the little brother of Snom’s flagship D385, but its integrated proximity sensor is unique among this family of products.

A long-awaited model, the Snom D335 desk phone combines a wide range of functions with an elegant, modern design. The new model is topped off with an innovative, smart feature: the proximity sensor.
First integrated in the successful D735, the sensor ensures that all relevant functions are automatically displayed as soon as the user’s hand approaches the display or the function keys. The display springs to life and shows all relevant key assignment information. When you move your hand away, the display reverts to its normal, standby mode.

That is by no means the only feature, however. The D335, with its high-resolution TFT colour display, integrated DSP processor for crystal-clear HD sound and a total of 32 self-labelling function keys (8 of which are physical), naturally offers all the standard call features needed for day-to-day work, including speed dialling, URL dialling, local dialling plan, automatic redial, call back on busy, call waiting and caller identification.

The D335 also features an integrated Gigabit switch with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality, and a USB port for connecting a variety of devices. For example, the A210 WLAN USB stick which enables Snom devices to operate without an annoying network cable, or the A230 DECT USB stick which easily converts a Snom desk phone into a flexible conference solution.
“With the D335, we’re offering our customers a high-quality desktop phone at an attractive price – combining the performance features of our successful D735 IP phone with the design of the popular 3-series,” said Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology GmbH.
The new D335 will be available in June 2020 (RRP £145).

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