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Avoira Opens Up Interaction Analytics Market With Launch Of Dedicated Xdroid Reseller Network

Avoira is to create a national reseller network dedicated to provision of the AI-powered Xdroid speech recognition, transcription and interaction analytics solution to which it holds the exclusive UK rights.

The move will create fresh opportunities for resellers to market a high margin product in the fast-growing speech analytics and Customer Experience (CX) sector.

Xdroid is unique in offering real time agent prompting along with caller and agent sentiment tracking. This enables delivery of live prompts to agents, empowering them to ensure every call reaches the right outcome.

It also boasts omni-channel capabilities meaning it can capture, transcribe, score and report on all speech, email and chat interactions throughout a customer’s engagement. Providing insight into 100% of all interactions. The Xdroid software can then Auto-QA score agent performance, track agent wellbeing, report on the Customer Journey, as well as successfully identifying customer vulnerabilities, defined in 2023 consumer duty regulations.

The technology is well proven having been deployed across a variety of leading public and private sector organisations. These include call centres at a major UK government department and telecommunications, debt collection, insurance and other professional services businesses.

With the majority of call centres still using staff to manually listen to a small percentage of an organisations calls, the market open to Xdroid is sizeable. In contrast to inefficient, time and cost-hungry manual analysis, the technology captures and analyses every customer interaction and reports by agent, team and department.

Launch of the reseller network follows Avoira’s signing of a new three-year exclusivity agreement with the software developer Xdroid.

Ian Taylor, Head of CX at Avoira, commented: “Having successfully achieved fantastic commercial success with the product, and so extended our exclusivity agreement, we’re now ready give comms and IT resellers access to the lucrative, yet under-exploited market of speech analytics & agent prompting. Xdroid will be a game-changer for the many call centres which still rely on costly, time-hungry and manual call analysis which is time-hungry.

“Xdroid is proven to significantly enhance sales, service and compliance performance, including reducing AHT, delivering automated Q&A and enabling identification of vulnerable customers in line with consumer duty obligations.

“It will provide resellers with a much-sharpened competitive edge, whilst also offering generous margins and a forward revenue stream”

He added that subscribers to the new network would benefit from marketing, technical and sales support. This will include provision of co-selling services with Avoira’s Xdroid specialist team

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