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COVID-19 turbo-charges existing trend

Much has been made of the likelihood of long-term change to working habits caused by COVID-19 and the popularity of video meetings.

In fact, analysis by Futuresource Consulting of 2,500 end users in the UK, USA, Germany and France suggests that the trend towards more frequent, more informal meetings was well underway before Zoom became such a cultural phenomenon, with nearly 40% of companies – twice as many as in 2018 – reporting that employees regularly hold meetings in ad hoc spaces like kitchens, foyers and reception areas.

The research also highlights rising investment in meeting room technology, which Futuresource Consulting Associate Director Chris McIntyre-Brown says is driven by growing demand for smarter collaboration. “In our 2018 wave of research, the primary reason respondents gave for using conferencing technologies was to save time.

In 2020 that was usurped by the ability to share content. As a result, we’re expecting to see a greater focus on display quality as the industry moves forward.

Vendors will try to replicate the quality and experience of face-to-face meetings in their video conferencing solutions, and HD and 4K displays will become the expected norm.”

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