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Destination EV charging provides new-fashioned refuelling, as sustainable transport goes full circle

CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, is predicting a significant growth in electric vehicle (EV) charging at destinations like offices and other workplaces, as sustainable transport goes full circle!

With more and more motorists relying on EVs for their journeys, the availability of reliable chargers at destinations is paramount. And drivers are now expecting to refuel at destinations in the same way as, in the days of horses and carriages – the original sustainable transport – people would ‘refuel’ (feed, water and rest) their horses while they were at work or visiting a client, before setting off again, refreshed.

This trend towards destination charging is supported by a YouGov/CTEK survey1 that revealed that, while 68% of UK EV drivers still prefer to charge at home, more than a third (37%) are now using public or destination chargers, 12% are charging at work and 9% at petrol stations.

, said: “With previous estimates of up to 90% of EV charging taking place at home, this is a fairly significant shift, and we can expect destination charging to really come to the fore as business picks up and people start returning to the workplace.

“The installation of reliable EV chargers is becoming increasingly important to companies and business owners looking to meet the needs of their staff and clients, who will be reassured to know they can park up and recharge their vehicles on site before returning home, or for whatever journey they face next. The provision of EV charging facilities will also help companies meet their sustainability targets, supporting a cleaner, greener future for us all.”

CTEK recommends that, for destination chargers where drivers are parked up for several hours or overnight, expensive rapid charge DC (direct current) chargers are rarely needed, and that AC (alternating current) chargers that deliver charge at varying speeds are generally more than adequate. Reliability is also a key consideration, with drivers and property owners alike.2

For property owners looking for a cost-effective way of installing or expanding an EV charging network, CTEK offers a dual socket Chargestorm Connected 2 AC charger, where two vehicles can plug in and charge at the same time. This can halve the number of physical units that need to be installed, and at considerably reduced cost. This is especially so as the dual socket chargers qualify for two Government Workplace Charging Scheme(WCS) grants. The £350 WCS grants are available ‘per socket’ and not ‘per charger’, so you’ll get £700 back for every Chargestorm Connected 2 charger installed, up to a maximum of £14,000 for a network of 20 dual socket chargers. These chargers can be wall or pole mounted, inside or out, and CTEK also offers a 4 socket ‘back to back’ solution, where two dual socket chargers can be sited on a single pole.

“People used to arrive at their destination on a charger, now they expect to plug into one,” said Cecilia. “With the Government set to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, the future of sustainable transport lies with rechargeable vehicles. At CTEK, we are committed to supporting the road to zero through the provision of thoroughbred EV chargers that will make sure we can keep moving with the times. It worked then, and it works now – it’s just a different kind of horsepower!”

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1 Survey of 1,667 UK drivers was carried out for CTEK by YouGov in February/March 2021, as part of a widersurvey of 15,174 adults across the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

2 Data from YouGov survey and a quick poll of delegates from private businesses attending the virtual Everything EV Summit (20 to 29 April), where CTEK’s Cecilia Routledge presented.

The development of transport from the horse drawn carriages of the 1800s to the electric vehicle revolution we are seeing today is also fascinatingly documented in Tom Standage’s book ‘A brief history of motion’, published by Bloomsbury Press. See also

About CTEK

  • Established in Dalarna, Sweden, CTEK is the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions.
  • CTEK offers products ranging from 12V and 24V battery chargers to charging solutions for electrical vehicles. CTEK’s E-mobility solutions range from individual EV chargers to larger corporate and commercial installations with multiple charging stations, that require load balancing and integrate seamlessly with monitoring and payment equipment.
  • CTEK’s products are sold via a carefully selected network of global distributors and retailers: as original equipment; supplied to more than 50 of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers; and through charge point operators, property owners and other organisations/individuals providing EV charging infrastructure.
  • CTEK takes pride in its unique culture based on a passion for innovation and a deep commitment to supporting the transition to a greener mobility, by adhering to industry leading ESG standards.
  • In Sweden, CTEK has partnered with EV manufacturer Polestar and technology company Ferroamp to research and develop solutions for vehicle-to-grid charging. In the UK, CTEK is partnered with EVC to roll out 100,000 charging points.
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