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Help your customers manage visitors flexibly with the Pan Oston SLIM Access from Varlink

Varlink are a mobile computing and EPoS distributor in the UK and have for a long time been supplying cutting edge technology which helps to develop and support businesses as they grow. Recently they identified a gap in the market and have partnered with Pan Oston to help solve a growing issue for businesses in the UK.

With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, businesses are finding it difficult and costly to put measures in place to keep themselves and their customers safe. One problem is managing the amount of visitors in their building so they can make sure everyone keeps a safe distance from one another.

Varlink have partnered with Pan Oston, manufacturing specialists of kiosk solutions, to bring UK Resellers the SLIM Access Visitor Management kiosk.

The SLIM Access kiosk assists merchants in guaranteeing the maximum number of visitors in a building using infrared sensors that register the direction of movement and detect whether someone is entering or exiting. Visitors are then informed via LED which lights up red or green, and audio communication, whether it is safe to enter.

The plug-and-play SLIM Access is simple to set up and is easily configurable, with no need for additional software or installations. Merchants can manually input the maximum number of visitors and move the device freely with the integrated wheels.

By investing in the SLIM Access kiosk, merchants no longer need to hire additional members of staff to guard entrances to monitor customers, cutting down their long term costs substantially with a one off purchase.

This visitor management kiosk is available in different variants. The standard variant features sensors on one side which is suitable for placing either left or right of a doorway and comes equipped with a power cord that can be routed easily via the other side. The premium variant features sensors either side and can be placed in the middle of a doorway up to 5 metres wide and is equipped with a rechargeable battery so there is no need for cables to run either side.

The SLIM Access is also available with an integrated hand sanitiser dispenser which means that merchants do not need to purchase further devices.

For more information or pricing of the Pan Oston SLIM Access kiosk, please contact the Varlink Sales Team on 01904 717180 or visit their website

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