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HiHo Solutions launches new headset feature

HiHo Solutions announces a first for wired office headsets by introducing an inline mute switch for its quick-disconnect 100p and 200p mono and duo headsets.

Neil Hinde of NB Data commented, ‘Although inline controls are a feature of many USB headsets, including our HiHo Solutions 150U and 250U, this is not the case for office headsets that require a quick disconnect cable compatible with proprietary handsets. Inline mute switches are available as accessories but cost between £15 to £40. It makes financial sense for call centre and office users to buy a headset with this feature already included.’

HiHo Solutions, founded in May 2020, has sold over 80,000 units of its webcams and headsets, and has since increased the range to include a speakerphone, USB accessories, language translators, sanitiser solutions and more. NB Data welcomes new resellers for the HiHo Solutions range.

NB Data: 0161 7672540

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