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Lithium-ion alternatives

Riello UPS has introduced lithium-ion battery versions of its modular UPS Multi Power, super-efficient NextEnergy and high-performing Master series. Lithium-ion batteries deliver a higher power density – delivering the same power in 50-75% less footprint and weight than sealed leadacid (SLA) batteries typically used in UPS systems; a longer lifespan of 15-20 years, resulting in TCO savings of 10-40% over a decade; and better performance in higher operating temperatures of up to 40°C compared to the recommended 20-25°C for SLA.

Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS, said: “Lithium-ion solutions also transform a UPS from a purely reactive machine waiting to provide emergency power when there’s an outage into a dynamic device that can help balance the electricity grid in real time through peak shaving and mechanisms like frequency response. Their rapid charge/discharge and high number of cycles make them an ideal solution for storing energy generated from renewable sources such as wind turbines or solar panels.”

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