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Microsoft Azure Use Cases: 5 Key Implementations You Should Offer As A Reseller

Microsoft’s Azure platform features immense power and flexibility, as well as an interface that’s sensible and intuitive — but its value depends on how it’s deployed, and you might not know exactly what to offer if you’re new to it.

Where do you get started with something so broadly capable? Which specific implementations should you focus on to begin with?

As a reseller eager to make Azure a vital part of what you provide, your most pressing job is to learn its capabilities and set out the core uses that you can offer your clients. It’s important to talk to customers about the individual workloads they can utilise within Azure and the business problems they solve, rather than just trying to sell them the ‘Azure’ dream. They’ll ultimately form the bedrock of your services pitch — you can then build on them with any unique Azure implementations you develop as time goes by, allowing your sales approach to steadily improve.

In this piece, we’re going to start by covering our five key implementations that you can — and should — convey to your customers, then the main benefits of the Azure platform. In the end, you should have a better understanding of the value involved. Let’s begin!

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