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Panasonic latest edition the AW-HE145

The AW-HE145 is the latest addition to Panasonic’s market-leading PTZ camera line-up. It supports Full-HD video capture, and features a 1-type image sensor, 20x optical zoom and a wide-angle of 75.1 degrees. SRT protocol support makes it a suitable option for live events.

The integrated camera AW-HE145 realises high sensitivity of F9/2000lx with the mounted 1.0-type MOS sensor, and can shoot beautifully at stage events or church services with low light. The operation mechanism is the same design as the high-end model, so the operating performance of the pan/tilt and zoom is smooth and accurate, allowing you to shoot without stress. Furthermore, it is equipped with an optical 20x zoom and horizontal 75.1° wide-angle lens to realise flexible video production.

High-Quality Full-HD 60p Shooting

Full-HD output and 59.94p shooting achieve extremely smooth video, even in live sports and other environments containing rapid movement.

SRT support for stable video transmission over public lines

SRT, a next-generation video transmission protocol with strong security suitable for unstable network environments, is supported.

Multiple Interfaces Support

A wide range of outputs are supported: 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP.

Useful Software for Simplified Workflow

Compatible with a wide range of software, including the PTZ Control Center and Auto Tracking Software. This software

will simplify the workflow of the PTZ camera shooting and reduces the burden of operation and management.

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