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Pangea launch new 5G router

After months of testing and tinkering, Pangea have made their 5G connectivity services available using their new 5G router.

Channel partners can provide their customers with fully-fledged 5G solutions right now, without needing to wait any longer or change up their tech. All they need to do is grab a router, get a SIM, check Pangea’s coverage checker (which now includes 5G), and they’re good to go.

Pangea are proud to have achieved this milestone, and thrilled to be putting the power of 5G at their partners’ fingertips. With more and more 5G devices appearing on the market, it’s the perfect time for partners to draw up a game plan and launch their own solutions.

The new 5G router

With its embedded 5G chipset, the router has full access to all 5G networks in the UK and beyond. And it can be set up to either use those networks exclusively, or prefer 5G networks and default to the strongest 4G signal if 5G is unavailable.

Pangea’s speed tests across London averaged at 270 Mbps; which was 4.5x the 67Mbps speeds of 4G at the same spots. And it also sports optional static IPs for partners who need them for their solutions.

It’s got a rugged body—so it’ll do just fine outdoors or in hectic industrial environments.

And best of all? Setup is a breeze: pop a SIM into the router, boot it up, and choose a few simple configuration settings (Pangea can handle this part for partners if preferred).

5G opportunities 

Channel partners don’t need to wait for fixed-line deployments or change their infrastructure; they can start offering their customers 5G connectivity right away. Which means they can be the first to do so in their industry—and beat their competitors to the punch.

It’ll open up new revenue streams with rapid deployment solutions for remote construction sites, ultrafast mobile broadband for offices and pop-up shops, resilient low-latency connectivity for healthcare providers, and more.

‘Many of our partners have been waiting for this moment—and we’re beyond proud to be bringing it to them,’ said Pangea’s MD Dan Cunliffe. ‘If you’re ready to be known for 5G, then we’re ready to get you there.’

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