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Protect your clients’ data 

Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans for SkyHawk surveillance drives help you to eliminate the high cost of data recovery in case of data loss – offering your customers extra peace of mind. 

Seagate has dominated the data storage industry for 40 years because the company understands the unique data storage challenges of different sectors and their requirements utilising the formula of reliability equals quality over time. Since it first launched the SkyHawk range of surveillance drives, Seagate has been at the forefront of hard disk drives specifically designed for the 24/7 demands of the surveillance market.

With its latest launch, the SkyHawk AI 18 TB surveillance hard drive available in the UK from Oprema, the company has yet again proved it is driving innovation when it comes to video data storage and handling. However as monitoring and analytics functions are becoming increasingly more important and intelligent within video surveillance applications it is vital that the information gathered by CCTV systems is protected so that the data is ready for use, not only for security purposes but for business management and law enforcement. So how can you be sure that your customers will be protected from any potential data loss and that you will not have to try to recover any lost information?

A Seagate Rescue plan cover for video surveillance drives includes three-year data recovery plan included at drive purchase,” explained Domenico Scrodo, SL, Seagate . “It also includes free shipping for in-lab data recovery plus 24/7 online tracking and case status updates and recovered data returned on a Seagate external hard drive.

It is a truly unique service that we are proud to offer installers to help care for their customers’ data and set their minds at rest that they are protected around the clock. Now that drives can contain up to 20TB of video information we are talking about a lot of footage that can be lost if the drive is not protected. As an installer you can be confident that your customers not only have the best drives available, but that they are protected in every aspect of that drive. That is peace of mind for both parties.”

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