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Snom’s IP phones get ‘smarter’ following firmware update

Integration of XML apps into Snom endpoints enables more automation for businesses

Snom, the globally recognised brand for modern telephony in the corporate and industrial sectors, is enabling offices to become ‘smarter’ thanks to the latest firmware update for its IP phones.

While the smart home has mainly been of interest to consumers, these applications are increasingly finding their way into the office environment. Whether operating shutters, parking barriers, doors at the touch of a button, or seeing and speaking to a delivery driver from your desk – all this is possible using Snom endpoints, in combination with IP capable door intercoms and video monitoring systems, as well as with the Snom PA1, which acts as a SIP bridge for public announcement speaker systems.

New firmware updates across Snom IP phones will enable users to remotely control intelligent sockets, radiator switches, humidity, window and door sensors and lighting by feeding XML applications directly via IP phones. This control over devices works exactly as it would with your own smartphone or tablet. In addition, Snom phones now support streaming from IP webcams and Raspberry Pi cameras.

The integration of XML apps into Snom IP desk phones can be used for video messages, automatic weather forecasts and quick access to news feeds. Connected IP speakers can also be automatically muted or switched on.

“We think that our endpoints can and should take on far more tasks than just pure business communication,“ explains Florent Aubert, Head of Product Management at Snom Technology. “Through individualisation and automation in offices we want to offer our users real added value – this includes creating solutions for the ‘smart workplace.’”

Other highlights from the new firmware update include:

  • Snom phones can support L2TP communication for the construction of VPN-Tunnels.
  • Icons on function keys can be personalised
  • Outbound multicast paging enhanced by supporting call waiting for incoming calls

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About Snom

Founded in 1997 in Berlin, Snom started as a pioneer for professional voice over IP (VoIP) endpoints and solutions. Evolving into a globally recognised premium brand, Snom now designs and manufactures state-of-the-art IP phones, wireless DECT solutions and smart workplace technologies for the business and industrial sectors.

Snom’s product development strategy focuses entirely on market needs and the individual requirements of its customers and partners around the world. Snom is meeting the challenges of workplace mobility in all environments, from office or conference spaces, to creative studios, public administration buildings and demanding environments such as factories and hospitals.

Snom has local offices in Benelux, CIS, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain and the UK and has been part of the VTech Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones, since 2016. However, Snom still has full control over the entire manufacturing cycle of products and solutions developed in Germany, which are then distributed throughout the world via a network of 3500+ certified partners. Those working with Snom benefit from a dedicated partner programme, remote and on-site support services and a three-year warranty. All this makes Snom an impressive partner for any business.

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