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Total protection from Cyber security provider F-Secure

Cyber security provider F-Secure has launched a new version of TOTAL, a security, privacy and identity protection app for every family member and every device – desktop PC, phone and tablet. The all-in-one solution offers all the features of the previous version, i.e. SAFE internet security and FREEDOME VPN, plus ID PROTECTION, which adds breach detection and underground web monitoring, the ability to create strong, unique passwords synchronised across every device and personal assistance for any customer who has their identity stolen.

TOTAL also enables parents to enforce digital boundaries with Family Rules and remote device management through the parent app. F-Secure Executive Vice President of Consumer Security Timo Laaksonen said: “Parents who want to protect their kids, their devices and their data typically have to make 10 to 20 installations to secure a family. That’s not just a waste of time, it’s a huge barrier to effective protection. TOTAL reduces those installations by two thirds, resulting in a better experience and a more complete sense of security.”

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