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Covid Fighting technology new to the market

Customisable PPE kits

Online portal ‘Where The Trade Buys’ has introduced a series of single use PPE kits containing two three-ply disposable face masks, two hand sanitiser sachets and one pair of disposable latex gloves. Suitable for re-sale, including in vending machines, the packs can be ordered with specific logos or branding on the outside, making them a useful marketing tool for businesses. Prices start at £92.72 (ex VAT) for a pack of 50 kits.



Contactless temperature sensing kiosks

Taking the temperature

Ksubaka, a provider of apps and kiosks that enable shoppers to order online products in-store, provide customer feedback and explore different brands, has introduced a range of contactless temperature sensing kiosks for use at the entrances to offices, schools, shops and other public spaces. The units take a temperature reading in less than 1 second and display the results using traffic light-style LEDs.

drytac guide

Sign guide

Drytac has produced a free, interactive guide explaining how retailers and installers can use floor, wall and window graphics to display information about social distancing, hand washing, queuing and updated services or opening hours. Open, Innovating, Moving Forward includes buying criteria for window graphics, one-part and two-part floor graphics, writable media, wall graphics and antimicrobial films.

InfraSpector gadget

InfraSpector gateways from inspection specialist Mek Europe (Marantz Electronics) combine non-contact temperature screening and body counting. The range, which includes an extra wide (120cm) version for wheelchairs and shopping trolleys, offers a choice of IR thermal imaging cameras and thermal sensors (for wrist or forehead). The former can measure the temperatures of up to 40 people per minute; the latter requires people to stop-and-go and has a throughput of 10 people per minute.


Portable scanner

The Thermavis Multi-Person Thermal Scanner from managed IT services provider Transputec reads the skin temperature of up to six people at once. The portable, smartphone-sized camera comes with a tablet computer and can be linked to any Windows machine, allowing multiple monitoring points, remote access, cloud connectivity and shareable screens.

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