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What’s New in Technology: NEC, Avtech, Yooz & Rittal and its partners, SICP and WestfalenWIND IT

Smaller footprint

NEC Enterprise Solutions (EMEA) has launched a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 software. The NEC HCI platform gives SMEs and branch offices a complete virtualised solution in a single appliance designed for rapid deployment, ease-of-use, seamless scaling and high performance. The platform featuring NEC’s D120h high-density server can host four individual server nodes for a smaller data centre footprint and reduced infrastructure costs.


Big data, big savings



Swedish IT company AVTECH has helped Norwegian Air Shuttle reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet of 106 Boeing 737-800 aircraft by 2,000 tons over a three-month period. The AVTECH 10K weather grid uses the UK Met Office’s weather modelling system and weather observations from all over the world to enable pilots to avoid unfavourable winds at given altitudes and to start their descent phase at exactly the right moment. Norwegian Air says it has been able to save an average of 22 kilos per flight purely by optimising planes’ descent.

Fraud detector

Cloud-based Purchase-to-Pay software provider Yooz is helping to reduce the problem of invoice fraud with a new solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to spot fraudulent and forged documents. YoozProtect detects duplicate invoices and unusual, inconsistent data and amounts based on historical data, automatically issuing alerts in the case of changes to supplier bank details, for example. In addition, it provides a secure audit trail of internal processes and an ISO 14641-compliant archive of electronic documents, with timestamping by electronic signature.

Power on tap

Rittal and its partners, SICP and WestfalenWIND IT, have won first prize in the Ideas and research in relation to data centres category at the German Data Centre Awards 2019 for their WindCORES++ project. This reduces the environmental impact of data centres by locating them where there is a direct supply of green energy, in this case within wind turbines. WindCORES++ can accommodate 50 IT racks, plus security rooms, air conditioning, UPS and monitoring, in just one wind turbine. Over 90% of the data centre’s power requirements are met by wind, while the use of existing buildings and infrastructure, e.g. the power grid, saves resources.

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