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New innovations round up

Datto additions

Datto introduced more than 20 products and enhancements at DattoCon19, its annual event for MSPs. Highlights include: Cloud Continuity for PCs, a business continuity solution that takes continuous backups and protects PC data from ransomware attacks, theft/loss or accidental deletion; SIRIS 4, the next generation of Datto’s allin-one BCDR appliances, offering improved backup resiliency and verification, enhanced (up to 50% faster) virtualisation performance and increased durability; and, for Datto Networking partners, a redesigned cloud management platform, Network Manager, and the E310 Series of cloud-managed Layer 3 Switches. It has also improved the Autotask PSA user experience and bundled Vade Email Security with Datto SaaS Protection to provide advanced email filtering natively within Office 365.

Password manager

Following hot on the heels of its new NordLocker file encryption service, VPN service provider NordVPN has announced its second new cybersecurity solution this year – the NordPass password manager. NordPass securely stores passwords in one convenient place, generates strong passwords on the spot, remembers and autosaves all passwords and autofills online forms. Security credentials include a zero-knowledge encryption process and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256-GCM) with Argon2 for key derivation.

Car talk

Vauxhall Motors is using Apple Business Chat to communicate with customers. Supported by IMImobile’s enterprise communications platform, Apple Business Chat enables Vauxhall to interact with customers via the Messages app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Clicking the Messages bubble on Vauxhall’s website instantly opens an Apple Business Chat with a customer service agent in the user’s Messages app. Jonathan Evans, Vauxhall Motors Digital User Experience & E-Commerce Manager, said: “Apple Business Chat makes communicating with Vauxhall as easy as messaging a friend, so we expect it will quickly become our customers’ preferred customer service channel.”

Mileage calculations made easy

Mileage and tracking system
Mileage and tracking system

Autotrip is an automated mileage tracking and reporting system that tracks every business mile made by drivers and reduces the mileage reimbursement process to just a few steps. The solution consists of an in-vehicle tracker and a web app that drivers use to classify a trip as business or personal (details of personal trips are visible only to the driver). Managers can review every business trip on a map and store all claims safely and securely in an HMRC-compliant format.

Breathe in, Breathe out

All-in-one smart payments
All-in-one smart payments

UK payments company Breathe Payments has added the Poynt all-in-one smart payments device to its portfolio. The world’s first all-in-one intelligent smart device with built in epos software, barcode scanner, receipt printer, GPRS and Wi-Fi, Poynt enables businesses to take orders, present bills and take payment, all on one wireless device. Breathe Payments offers two Poynt devices: the Poynt Smart Terminal, with 7-inch merchant touch screen and 4.3-inch customer touch screen; and the mobile Poynt 5 for businesses that want to take the device to their customers and eliminate queueing. They are available from £34 per month, with rates starting from 0.5% per transaction.

We see you

Facial recognition software
Facial recognition software

Danish Superliga football club Brøndby IF is using Panasonic security cameras and FacePRO facial recognition software to automate the process of identifying 100 blacklisted fans and alerting staff to take appropriate action. By automating the previously manual process, Brøndby IF hopes to reduce congestion at stadium gates, resulting in a faster entrance process for the 14,000 fans who attend a typical matchday. For privacy reasons, Panasonic’s facial recognition technology doesn’t store images of those not on the blacklist.

WiFi to rely on

Solution to poor WiFi
Solution to poor WiFi

Nokia is lowering the entry-point for wholehome WiFi, which provides a solution to the problem of poor WiFi caused by a large number of connected devices, multiple high bandwidth activities taking place simultaneously, dead zones and interference from neighbouring WiFi or appliances. Its new whole-home mesh WiFi system, the Beacon 1, offers easy to use, affordable, fast and reliable WiFi for areas of 1,500 square feet per Beacon. New features include Intelligent Channel Selection, which automatically identifies the best possible WiFi channel for each device, and pre-pairing and bridging to simplify network setup.

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