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No more manual room checks

Utelogy Corporation, a provider of control, monitoring and analytics software for workspace management, is complementing its recently launched management portal, U-Manage, with a new automation tool designed to optimise collaboration spaces and deliver a positive user experience.

A Room Readiness feature within the U-Automate module enables IT teams to check that conference rooms and connected devices are online and functioning properly without the need for costly and time-consuming manual room-checks.

Released last year, Utelogy’s U-Manage management portal allows operations teams to drill down to see device metrics, documents and events for all connected devices under a single pane of glass.

Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy, said: “We know that companies spend millions of dollars every year on manual room checks. With U-Automate, operations teams can leverage the technology to reduce labour costs by as much as 75% and reassign those resources to more strategic, core business activities.”

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