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Respect to unified communications company Wildix for the Walking Dead stunt at its inaugural UCC Summit in Barcelona in February (see page 23). After the initial shock, we were all reaching for our smartphones and snapping away. It was that life-like. On the whole, vendors in the technology space are far too polite about each other. Not surprisingly, this convention tends to be set by the dominant players out of self-interest rather than any sense of fairness or propriety. How refreshing to see an upstart rattling a few cages. In this case,

the target was traditional PBX vendors, but you got the impression the Walking Dead label could just as easily be attached to resellers still stuck in an on-premise, CAPEX world, and at its UCC Summit, Wildix announced several initiatives and product offerings to help resellers make the transition to managed service provider. Such is the pace of change in the IT industry, some would argue that even MSPs are now ‘legacy’. On page 29, we describe why CSI, for one, prefers the term Enterprise Productivity Partner.

The promise of improved productivity is always welcome. In fact, has any IT product ever been sold that hasn’t claimed it as a benefit? True to form, this is one of the selling points of the first generation of foldable smartphones shown at Mobile World Congress (see page 36) – even more so when you throw in the speed advantages of 5G. Clearly, having more screen space to work on documents should enable mobile workers to be more productive. Unfortunately, it will also improve the experience of gaming, watching movies, online shopping and all those other things people like to do when they should be writing that report or fine-tuning tomorrow’s presentation.

James Goulding



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