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Technology Reseller Issue V21 read online or download

Read or download our latest issue of Technology Reseller magazine here: Issue V21

In This Issue:

Insider: Phil Jones MBE on the benefits of apprenticeships

View from the Channel: Martin Roberts, MD of Neuways, on doing business today

My favourite things: Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, lists his five favourite work tools

What’s New: The month’s best new products and services

Tech Trends: RPA now fastest growing enterprise software segment

Security: Why Becrypt has adopted a single-tier channel strategy

Editors Comment

On page 28, Andrew Filev, CEO and founder of work management platform Wrike, likens the growth in purpose-built applications to a Cambrian explosion – the term used to describe the period 541 million years ago when most major animal groups appeared in the fossil record. Reading what Andrew says about today’s collaborative work management platforms brings

to mind an event that happened half-way between
the Cambrian explosion and the present day, viz. the appearance of dinosaurs 240 to 270 million years ago. When I compare my complete reliance on email with today’s far more collaborative, agile alternatives and consider the amount of time I spend managing my Inbox and the huge backlog that builds up after just
a few days away from the office (let alone a two-week summer holiday), I realise that in work terms I have become a lumbering brontosaurus. I am not alone in this, but with more and more companies, including Facebook and Dropbox, launching tools that combine collaboration with personal workspaces, it is surely time to evolve.

Resellers are always being exhorted to evolve or die as
if they were a special case and the need to adapt to changing circumstances was not an imperative for any organisation. Today, one of the big business challenges is the skills shortage. Although the skills or talent shortage exists, organisations are not powerless in the face of it. Brother, as Phil Jones writes on page 10, is addressing the problem through a very successful apprentice programme; and Neuways, as we learn on page 38, is nurturing the talent that it already has and challenging employees to develop innovative solutions in-house. Another option is

to use technology to empower employees who have the most to contribute. A good example is Mind Foundry’s new ‘humanised machine learning platform’ (see page 26), which moves AI-assisted data analysis out of the realm of data scientists and into the hands of employees who know most about a particular process, whether that’s a machine operator on the factory floor or a marketing manager in head office.

James Goulding Editor, or

Read or download our latest issue of Technology Reseller magazine here: Issue V21

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