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Technology Reseller Issue V22 read online or download

Click here to read issue V22 online or download

TR talks to Tom O’Hagen CEO of Virtual1, operator of the UK’s most advanced network, which has seen spectacular growth over the years, due to its focus on putting partners first and continually investing in cutting-edge technologies

An interesting column from Brother UK MD Phil Jones on page 18, in which he lists some of the advice he would give his younger self. These nuggets of wisdom, based on his experience in the IT industry, would have been valuable at any point in the last 30 years, but seem particularly pertinent today. His advice to seek and take note of feedback, however challenging it might be, and to be aware of one’s own prejudices, ‘decision pathways’ and blind spots strikes me as being highly relevant now that more and more businesses are embracing teamwork and collaboration in the pursuit of agility and innovation.

Chris Griffiths, who contributes this month’s ‘I couldn’t do my job without…’ feature on page 21, has built a career on creativity and innovative thinking, helping his clients foster both through a combination of training courses, ‘how to’ books, apps and software tools. How refreshing of him to list as one of his favourite ‘work tools’ free time to ‘think, reflect and daydream’. I’m sure this advice will strike a chord with all those readers who took their work with them on holiday this year.

It has become something of a cliché in the IT world for established businesses that have recently undergone a change of ownership, rebranding or other significant reboot to describe themselves as a 20-year-old, 30-year- old, whatever-year-old start-up (see page 38 for an example in this issue). When established businesses with layers of bureaucracy, long-standing customer and supplier relationships, security, generous staff perks etc. describe themselves in this way it is usually to give the impression of innovation, agility and inventiveness. Is this credible or is it just a corporate version of the ‘boosterism’ so loved by Boris ‘No Deal’ Johnson? On which subject, how long before he describes Great Britain as a 300-year- old start-up?

James Goulding

Click here to read issue V22 online or download

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