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What’s New: The month’s best new products and services

Distributor News:  Tech Data enhances Teams offering with telephony options

Working Together:  This month’s round-up of new distribution agreements

Reseller News:  Mailroom independent makes biggest acquisition yet

Vendor News: Kaseya starts year with $2 billion valuation

Convergence: DMC makes fifth acquisition in under two years

Cyber Security Bringing together cyber security and data management

Security Could Shayype be the future of authentication?

View from the Channel… With Alex Wilkinson, COO of Solutionize Global

MSPs: Why MSPs are the most confident of them all

Call Recording What resellers need to know

Headsets: The growing opportunity in headsets

I couldn’t do my job without… Paul Taylor from Voiceflex picks his favourite work tools

Partnerships: How to pick the right vendor partner

Telecoms: Spitfire announces award winners

Predictions : Part II of our series on this year’s key trends

60 seconds with… Charlie Levitton, Enterprise Business Development Manager at SMART Technologies

People: New faces, new places


It’s been quite a start to 2020 – political intrigue a-plenty, wild meteorological events, diplomatic hire- wire acts, with the Huawei 5G furore highlighting the weakness of Britain’s position in the world order (and the prescience of all those commentators who picked out 5G as one of this year’s key technologies). Then, of course, there is coronavirus, the consequences of which are starting to be felt by the IT industry. How severe these are – and how harmful the virus itself might be we will not know for a few months, but shortages of food, medicines, protective clothing and face masks have highlighted the risks to the global supply of IT and electronics. Foxconn’s decision to manufacture face masks to protect its workers and ensure continued supply of iPhones amongst other products is both reassuring and unsettling at the same time.

No one who contributed to the two parts of our 2020 predictions feature (see page 35 for Part II) saw coronavirus coming – how could they? However, UIPath’s Guy Kirkwood came closest, warning that 2020 would see greater use of robotics and automation in response to a collapse in demand caused by global tensions, conflicts and trade wars. Had he added plague to that list I would have been seriously impressed by his forecasting skills.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky is warning computer users to be on their guard against cyber criminals who have launched a variety of malware and phishing attacks disguised as emails about coronavirus. In its blog, the cybersecurity company advises readers to resist clicking on suspicious links or downloading files with the .EXE extension (for trojans and malware) and to hover over any links to verify that they are taking you to the right address (for phishing). Find out more at

James Goulding: Editor



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