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What’s New: A selection of the month’s new products and services
Tech Trends: How Covid-19 is affecting the world of work
Working Together: This month’s round-up 28 of new distribution agreements Distributor News: Trusted Advisor 30 campaign launched by Tech Data
Reseller News: ASL targets voice for Growth
Vendor News: Mitel launches MiCloud Flex on Google Cloud
Managed Service:s MSP confidence high despite lockdown
View from the Channel: With Jason Howells, Director International, Barracuda MSP
Why NTA is signing up new resellers, even in lockdown
Cover Story: Capturing lockdown with Canon cameras from Ingram Micro
Telecoms: Voiceflex launches Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
The evolving landscape: MSP business report 2020.
Vendor News: Mitel launches MiCloud Flex on Google Cloud
Managed Services MSP confidence high despite lockdown
Accessories: New partner programme for Logitech ONE
Opinion: Florian Malecki explains how MSPs can avoid migration migraine
Q&A: With Jed Ayres, CEO of IGEL
Billing: A new community for billing professionals
Digital Signage Why inurface is diversifying into Covid- secure retail/workplace solutions
I couldn’t do my job without…: Simon Walker of Parajet picks his favourite work tools
People: New faces, new places
Buzzsaw, an online tool that strips the buzzwords and clichés out of press releases, speeches and blog posts, has produced its list of the worst jargon of 2020. Always a troubling read for editors and journalists who out of laziness or a lack of time are as likely to fall into the same traps as PRs and marketing professionals. This year’s list is no exception, with ‘solutions’, as in technology solutions, appearing in 15th place on the list. Solutions is one of those words that even as you write it you know you shouldn’t. But, really, what else are you meant to put – you know what it means, I know what it means, and it saves the trouble of having to be more specific. OK, maybe they have a point.
Another word on the list straight out of the Technology Reseller lexicon is ‘content’, dismissed as ‘second only to the vacuum of space as the emptiest thing in the universe’. The compiler of this year’s Buzzsaw Hall of Shame (I wanted to write curator but I see that that word, too, is a no-no) won’t have been enjoying the news coverage of Covid-19 much, as ‘the new normal’ and ‘in the time of Covid’ both make an appearance. Quite how ‘in these unprecedented times’ escaped censure is a mystery.
There’s naturally a great deal of Covid-related content (yes, I know) in this issue, including our report on MSP Day 2020 on page 20 and an interview with Josh Bunce of inurface Group on page 44, in which he explains how diversifying into hand sanitisers and various social distancing solutions (I’m on a deadline) have enabled him to maintain a dialogue with retailer customers that for now aren’t interested in the company’s digital signage portfolio.
I am pretty sure that throughout this coverage and all the Covid-related news stories, there is no mention of ‘unprecedented times’. I hope I am right, but I could be wrong. Other words and phrases picked out by Buzzsaw that you hopefully won’t find in Technology Reseller are disambiguate, human capital, reach out (actually, you might see that), circle back, ideation, bake (the noun), fake news, mainstream media, we remain cautious and going forward.
James Goulding Editor,
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