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What’s New: A selection of the month’s best new products and services

Tech Trends: Top trends shaping the UK tech sector

Reseller News: Vapour accelerates UC roadmap with Allvotec partnership

Working Together: A round-up of the month’s new distribution agreements

Distributor News: Ingram Micro first to embrace Consenna Carbon platform

Opinion: Sen Chandaka highlights three megatrends influencing growth in the IT channel

Managed Services:  Stonewall IT team saves 65 days by outsourcing laptop set up and deployment to Apogee

Cloud: Node4 supports Stagecoach cloud-first strategy with a Secure SD-WAN

Disaster Recovery:  How a combination of Rubrik technology and a wrap-around managed service from ADP has given Ward Hadaway confidence in its back- ups

IoT: Tristan Foureur, CTO and co-founder of proptech company WeMaintain, explains how IoT is transforming buildings maintenance

People: New faces, new places


This month has seen a flood of news stories relating to the environmental impact of the IT industry. While this trend is clearly prompted by next month’s COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, it is also testament to

the confidence the ICT sector has in its ability to shrink
its carbon footprint. In fact, a new report from BT and Accenture, highlighted on page 8, suggests that the tech sector has the potential to cut its global carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 despite an eight-fold increase in global data traffic over the same period. The report points out that this reduction can be achieved through a combination of more energy-efficient technology, like 5G, fibre and

the cloud, and by purchasing renewal energy (although taking the credit for another industry’s carbon reduction successes looks a lot like a fudge to me). Because of the investments the UK is making in renewable electricity and modernisation of its infrastructure through initiatives like the PSTN switch-off, the report’s authors have calculated that the UK tech sector has the potential to shrink its carbon footprint by more than two thirds (68%).

Of course, emissions are just one area where the tech industry needs to improve its performance. Another much more visible example of the damage done by the tech sector is the huge volume of redundant equipment generated by constant innovation and a business model that promotes frequent upgrade cycles. WEEE is not just a source of pollution but a huge waste of resources that need to be replaced through mining and manufacturing at great cost
to the environment. As promising in its way as the energy efficiency improvements highlighted by BT and Accenture
is growing interest in circular computing and lifecycle management of devices, from use to re-use and recycling at end of life. There have always been resellers that have taken this approach, but maybe because of the rise in managed services and changes in end user device requirements due to cloud computing or simply because sustainability is rising so fast up the corporate agenda, it is a procurement model that has growing appeal for resellers/MSPs and their customers. And that has to be good for everyone.

James Goulding – Editor,


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