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In This Months Issue:

What’s New: A selection of the month’s best new products and services

Distributor News:  Midwich announces Nimans acquisition

Working Together: A round-up of the month’s new distribution agreements

Reseller News:  Version 1 invests in North of England

IT Channel:  Nuvias highlights growing opportunity in UC

Events: Why you should enter the Technology Reseller Awards

Managed Services: Barracuda enhances XDR for MSPs

View from the Channel: With Paul Anslow, CEO of Triangle Networks

Mobile Devices: Time to make more use of mobile device trade- in services

Access Control: ThycoticCentrify changes name to Delinea

I couldn’t do my job without…: Kelvin Wetherill, Founder of NerdApp, on what gets him through his working day

UCaaS: Gamma updates dealer programme

Q&A: Tim Weller, CEO of Datto, on the company’s acquisition of Infocyte

44 Cyber Security Edited highlights from HP Wolf Security’s CISO roundtable

People: New faces, new places


This month, as we report on page 29, privileged access management (PAM) specialist ThycoticCentrify announced that it is now to be called Delinea. This trips off the tongue much more easily than ThycoticCentrify, the name adopted ExxonMobil-style following April 2021’s merger of Thycotic and Centrify and is a clear break with the past in a way that would not have been possible if the branding experts had gone down the Brangelina route and chosen Thentrify or Centrotic or some such. In contrast, Delinea is a little bland, but more serviceable as a result – the name could be used to sell anything. For that reason, it seems extraordinary that it has not been trademarked before. The name comes from ‘delineate’ and the PAM specialist has done a reasonably good job of constructing a link between that word’s definition and its area of expertise. Even more impressive is their success in avoiding the temptation to capitalise the ‘L’. Or was that a missed opportunity?

It could be my conditioning, but I do feel DeLinea looks stronger than Delinea, albeit in a continental nationalised infrastructure kind of way. On reflection, maybe it’s right to avoid associations of that kind. Perhaps I’m confusing strong with sclerotic and inflexible. One of the many interesting observations made by Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer at HP Inc., in the course an HP Wolf Security CISO roundtable, edited highlights of which we publish on pages 44 and 45, is that the cybersecurity industry has done itself no favours by cultivating an aura of exclusivity through its arcane language and presentation. She suggests there is a need to make the cybersecurity tent bigger and to attract people with more varied backgrounds and educational qualifications and different areas of expertise like risk management and communications. Perhaps just the kind of people who would respond more favourably to Delinea than DeLinea.

On the subject of communication, I should point out that the deadline for submitting entries to the Technology Reseller Awards is fast approaching. These are free to enter and we are all set up to help people who are unsure of what they need to do. For more details on award categories and how to enter, please visit

James Goulding – Editor,


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