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What’s New: The month’s best new products and services

Distributor News: Midwich Tech Xpo returns

Working Together:  This month’s round-up of new distribution agreements

Reseller News:  M&A boost for baby boomers

Tech Live 2022: This year’s exhibitor list and seminar programme

Digital Transformation: Key take-aways from the Stratas Digital Transformation Leaders Dinner

I couldn’t do my job without… Slip Co-founder Tash Grossman picks her favourite work tools

 View from the Channel: Smaller IT support companies feel the pinch

Circular IT:  Why it’s time to incentivise sales people

Cybersecurity:  Going back to basics with Goldilock

Opinion: Vapour CEO Tim Mercer makes the case for NLU

Workflow: The differential

Observability: How Kensu aims to shake up the data observability market

Q&A: With Gavin Jones, Head of Channel at BT Wholesale

My Life in IT We ask Annette Cunningham, Tech Data UK&I Vice President Sales, about her life
in IT

People: New faces, new places


The ICT industry’s success in absorbing, even profiting from, recent shocks to the system is impressive and in no small part due to government support which kept demand for its products high even in the darkest days of the pandemic. The current cost of living crisis, driven by sky-high energy prices and double-digit inflation, presents a new challenge and unless the Government acts quickly and decisively, things could get very difficult – even for IT companies that, as David Watts, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Tech Data, pointed out to Technology Reseller earlier in the summer, are often part of the solution when businesses are under pressure to reduce their operating costs. In this month’s View from the Channel on pages 38 and 39, Dave de la Haye gives an insight into the challenges that smaller IT support companies are already facing, with rising prices, additional service charges and escalating minimum spend levels, and the difficulty of knowing when to absorb these extra costs and when to pass them on to customers. If there are any particular problems you are encountering at the moment, please let us know.

Watts also highlighted the agility of many IT businesses, which enabled them to react quickly to new business opportunities during Covid. The sector’s vigorous entrepreneurship is the raison d’etre for Tech Live 2022, which is taking place or, for readers of the printed magazine, took place at the Business Design Centre on September 13. The number of pre-registrations is testament to the interest resellers have in discovering new technologies that they can add to their portfolios. One of the interesting things about the exhibitors at this year’s event (see pages 18 and 19) is the number of them that are offering recycled products or device lifecycle management services. One of these is Flex IT, which on page 24, argues that it is time the channel met growing demand for sustainable products by incentivising their sales people to sell remanufactured and refurbished devices. Doing so won’t just help customers with their sustainability goals, it can also save them money, which in times like these has to be a good thing.

James Goulding – Editor,



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