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Technology Reseller Magazine – V11 – Free Download

So, GDPR is live and now the fun will really begin. In the run-up to May 25, a lot of people likened GDPR to Y2K, in terms of hype, if not potential impact. The reason GDPR is not like Y2K is that on the morning of January 1, 2000, when planes didn’t fall out of the sky and the lights came on as normal, organisations could breathe a huge sigh of relief. GDPR is not like that. As Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has repeatedly pointed out, GDPR is a long journey, an on-going process that will keep organisations busy for years.

Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 11 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 11 – Free Download

Now that GDPR is live it is to be hoped that all the re-subscription requests and other GDPR-related emails cease. The variety of emails received by Technology Reseller highlights the confusion that still surrounds what is and what is not allowed under GDPR. Or it might just betray the extent to which businesses are going to rely on the ‘legitimate interests’ defence and an emollient ICO – in the early days, at least.

Anyone who is still unsure about GDPR will no doubt be able to fid out more at the AIIM Forum UK taking place in London on June 20, although curiously in our interview with AIIM President Peggy Winton (page 26), she suggested that GDPR was not a priority for information management professionals. A case of passing the buck or dodging the bullet?

My fial word on the subject of GDPR is a plea to everyone who’s re-subscription request I deleted to keep me on your email distribution list. I am not ready to give up email, however bad it is for my productivity, and will not object to you reaching out in this way. Reassuringly, I know of several companies that received such a poor response to their resubscription campaigns that they have chosen to pretend they never happened. Could GDPR be what teaches us to adopt a more selective approach to the enforcement of EU rules – as we have always accused our European colleagues of doing – just as we prepare to leave?

James Goulding

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