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Technology Reseller Magazine – V12 – Free Download

One thing England’s performance at the World Cup demonstrates – and at the time of writing we are still in the competition – is that great things can be achieved through teamwork. However far England manage to go, Gareth Southgate and his team will rightly be praised for eradicating the division and disunity that have contributed so greatly to the past failures of the national team. As any business person knows, good teamwork can be an elusive quality and its pursuit by your customers drives much of their investment in audio-visual systems, communications, mobile computing, offie design, even the type of coffee they offer employees.

Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 12 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 12 – Free Download

While the furniture you use in your offie and how it is arranged can clearly make collaboration easier (or more diffiult – see our article on headsets on page 31), it is hard to think of anything with as much potential to improve teamwork as the offie phone system. On my recent trip to Odessa to see the Wildix research and development centre I was struck by the power of modern PBX systems to bring people closer together. Simple things like the ability to see a colleague’s availability through Presence or to escalate an interaction from text to audio to video can make a big difference. Looking to the future, Wildix plans to extend such capabilities to inter-company communications, so that two Wildix customers could link their systems and use the same features to improve collaboration between their organisations. At a time when more companies, including resellers, rely on partnerships with other suppliers to meet customers’ needs in their entirety, such a capability has obvious benefis.

Some will balk at such open-ness, preferring to erect barriers around their organisation. Others see open-ness as a virtue and a strength. From everything I have seen of Wildix, including its Tech Wizard Facebook community where partners and customers can share information, advice and presumably complaints, I have no doubt that it would fall into the second category. Based on England’s open training sessions, I’m sure Gareth Southgate would too.

James Goulding

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