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Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 3 – Free Download

Nothing about Brexit in this issue, you’ll be pleased to learn, except to note that it is bound to have an impact on the UK’s IT skills shortage. Analysis by CompTIA shows that the number of advertisements for technology positions rose by 10% in 2016. This trend is set to continue, with 47% of IT companies expecting hiring to be moderately or signifiantly more challenging this year.

Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 3 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 3 – Free Download

Figures from Dice show that UK tech professionals already draw above average salaries, with half earning more than £40k a year, compared to the UK average of £28,200. Given the high demand for people with IT skills, their value to the market is increasing, and with it their wage demands; 35% of IT companies surveyed by CompTIA said the expectation of high pay was making hiring more diffiult.

This poses a real challenge, especially at a time when customers are demanding ever more services. In a survey by Channeliser (see page 28), 82% of ISVs and VARs said they regularly have to expand their solution capability to meet customer demand. Most do so by partnering with other organisations. As it becomes harder and more expensive to recruit IT professionals, many more IT companies will have to adopt this approach – employing companies like QD Tech, profied on page 30, to provide additional resources when required.

James Goulding

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