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Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 5 – Free Download

The importance of resilience is one of the attractions of switching to hosted telephony. Instead of having to install separate network connections to different BT exchanges on your own premises, a hosted system like Samsung Hosted (see page 22) should provide resilience and geo-redundancy as part of the service. An added benefit of Samsung’s new solution is that it fully integrates smartphones, with end-to-end security provided by the company’s KNOX security system. This has the potential to be a real differentiator for resellers of the product. As BA also learnt over the Bank Holiday weekend, when something goes wrong it is essential that you keep customers informed, and for that you need a reliable and secure communications system.

Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 5 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 5 – Free Download

The BA IT meltdown over the Bank Holiday weekend must have felt like a godsend to IT resellers hoping to persuade customers of the importance of investment in equipment and infrastructure – until it was rumoured that the power outage wasn’t caused by an IT or software failure, but by our old friend human error, in this case an IT contractor who pulled a plug at just the wrong time. Oh well, at least you can sell them a Brother labeller to print ‘Do not unplug’ labels. Almost nothing about Elections or Brexit in this issue, you’ll be pleased to learn, except to note that it is bound to have an impact on the UK’s IT skills shortage. Analysis by CompTIA shows that the number of advertisements for technology positions rose by 10% in 2016. This trend is set to continue, with 47% of IT companies expecting hiring to be moderately or signifiantly more challenging this year.

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