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Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 8 – Free Download

December/January is the perfect time to take stock of one’s business, life, relationships, whatever – to undertake what Phil Jones on page 15 calls a climate check. So, for this issue, we asked leading distributors what their challenges and achievements were in 2017 and what lessons they have learnt. Their responses can be found in the Channel Vision columns spread throughout the magazine.

Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 8 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – Issue 8 – Free Download

It is encouraging to see such positivity! But perhaps not surprising considering the size of the opportunity facing the IT channel. As we reported in the last issue, if the IT industry was a national economy, it would be the third largest behind the US and China. And it is changing fast as artifiial intelligence, IoT and the cloud usher in a new industrial revolution. Not for nothing does Ingram Micro Cloud’s Apay Obang-Oyway call this the ‘most exciting period for decades’ to be involved in the IT industry (see page 38).

In fact, our Channel Vision contributors have so much to shout about that we didn’t have room to include all their copy. In most cases, we had to restrict comments to the year we’ve just had and leave out their thoughts on what 2018 has in store.

As a journalist, always on the look-out for a juicy ‘bad news’ story, I was particularly looking forward to reading why there might be ‘Reasons to be fearful about 2018?’. Anyone expecting a frenzy of gnashing of teeth, hairpulling and hand-wringing, as I was, would have been very disappointed. Yes, Brexit and GDPR featured heavily, as did continuing economic uncertainty, but these challenges were almost universally couched in terms of business opportunity. That might not make great copy, but it does bode well for the year ahead.

On which note, it just remains for me and everyone else at Kingswood Media to wish you a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year.

James Goulding


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