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Technology Reseller Magazine – March 2017 – Free Download


In his column on page 12, Phil Jones MBE highlights the importance of keeping things simple and communicating clearly when meeting time-poor decision-makers – the value in being able to ‘summarise succinctly what it is that you do’. With this in mind, what is it that Technology Reseller seeks to do? Essentially, we provide a vehicle for vendors and distributors to reach the IT reseller community to inform them of new initiatives, products and services that can help all parties win more business and grow.

Technology Reseller Magazine – March 2017 – Free Download
Technology Reseller Magazine – March 2017 – Free Download

With the move to managed services and the importance of solutions sales, it has become common to belittle hardware, to dismiss products and devices as of secondary importance to the grander themes of digitisation, cloud services, cyber security. This is not our view.

Products are a vital touchpoint for consumers of technology. People are still excited by them, as big shows like CES 2017 demonstrate (you can read about Futuresource Consulting’s impressions of this year’s event on page 35). And, while it is true that hardware products are often tacked onto the end of big projects almost as an afterthought (e.g. scanners in an enterprise content management project), it is also the case that they can open the door to long-term and profitable relationships. As Exertis’s Rod Slater points out in his article on Smart Tech (page 38), the creation of a fully integrated smart home often starts with the purchase of a single product.

Unlike some publications, Technology Reseller will always find room to cover basic products, especially when they present resellers with a sales opportunity like interactive flat panel displays (page 34) or security screen filters (page 32). In reading this issue, we hope you find plenty to inspire and excite you to make that additional sale. Even if it is just one device, who knows what it could lead to.

James Goulding

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